A simple TLS reverse proxy
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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -9,21 +9,17 @@ tlsrp is a simple TLS reverse-proxy built on top of LibreSSL's libtls. A typical use case for tlsrp might be to turn a regular HTTP server into an HTTPS server. However, it is protocol agnostic, so it can be used for putting -any TCP/IP protocol on top of a TLS layer. The server thinks its serving the -plain protocol and the client thinks its receiving the secured protocol. +any TCP/IP protocol on top of a TLS layer. The server gets to serve the plain +protocol and the client receives the secured protocol. + +Through its arguments, tlsrp can be configured to listen and serve over both +unix sockets and network sockets. The TLS parameters themselves can be +configured by modifying config.h. See the manpage for more details. Dependencies ------------ libtls from LibreSSL -Usage ------ -tlsrp [-h backhost] [-H fronthost] -p backport -P frontport -ca ca_path - -cert cert_path -key key_path - -tlsrp -U unixsocket [-H fronthost] -P frontport -ca ca_path - -cert cert_path -key key_path - TODO ---- [ ] testing