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diff --git a/README.md b/README.md @@ -85,6 +85,12 @@ window manager using the Wayland protocol?", only to be turned off by the response "Write a weston shell plugin". Hopefully it is less intimidating to implement a window manager using swc. +How can I try out swc? +---------------------- + +If you are not interested in developing your own window manager, check out my +swc-based window manager, [velox](http://github.com/michaelforney/velox). + TODO ---- * XWayland copy-paste integration. @@ -99,3 +105,13 @@ Contact If you have questions or want to discuss swc feel free to join #swc on freenode. +Related projects +---------------- + +Since swc's creation, several other projects with similar goals have been +created. + +- [wlc](http://github.com/Cloudef/wlc) and + [loliwm](http://github.com/Cloudef/loliwm) +- [waysome](http://github.com/waysome/waysome) +