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commit 68d97457ecf044bda62a37dd6158bbba4e28d7fe
parent 49672dac7b40d27e140f5b6d6b3829c9c5f728ba
Author: noname <>
Date:   Tue, 22 Apr 2014 21:59:21 +0400

Remove argument names from function prototypes.

Mst.c | 12++++++------
1 file changed, 6 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)

diff --git a/st.c b/st.c @@ -360,7 +360,7 @@ static void strparse(void); static void strreset(void); static int tattrset(int); -static void tprinter(char *s, size_t len); +static void tprinter(char *, size_t); static void tdumpsel(void); static void tdumpline(int); static void tdump(void); @@ -371,7 +371,7 @@ static void tdeleteline(int); static void tinsertblank(int); static void tinsertblankline(int); static void tmoveto(int, int); -static void tmoveato(int x, int y); +static void tmoveato(int, int); static void tnew(int, int); static void tnewline(int); static void tputtab(bool); @@ -380,7 +380,7 @@ static void treset(void); static int tresize(int, int); static void tscrollup(int, int); static void tscrolldown(int, int); -static void tsetattr(int*, int); +static void tsetattr(int *, int); static void tsetchar(char *, Glyph *, int, int); static void tsetscroll(int, int); static void tswapscreen(void); @@ -413,9 +413,9 @@ static void xsettitle(char *); static void xresettitle(void); static void xsetpointermotion(int); static void xseturgency(int); -static void xsetsel(char*); +static void xsetsel(char *); static void xtermclear(int, int, int, int); -static void xunloadfont(Font *f); +static void xunloadfont(Font *); static void xunloadfonts(void); static void xresize(int, int); @@ -453,7 +453,7 @@ static size_t utf8validate(long *, size_t); static ssize_t xwrite(int, char *, size_t); static void *xmalloc(size_t); static void *xrealloc(void *, size_t); -static char *xstrdup(char *s); +static char *xstrdup(char *); static void (*handler[LASTEvent])(XEvent *) = { [KeyPress] = kpress,