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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -0,0 +1,48 @@ +# Nihal's Password Manager + +## Rationale + +I normally use `pash`, as my password manager, which uses gpg2 to do all of the +cryptography. In my setup (and likely the setups of most people who use pash or +pass), the private key is on the same drive that holds the encrypted passwords. +So if an attacker gets access to the encrypted passwords, they likely also have +access to the encrypted private key for encrypting those passwords. The private +key is probably encrypted using only a master password, so if an attacker gains +access to this master password, all encrypted passwords are compromised. + +If an attacker gains access to the passwords without also gaining access to the +encrypted private key, public key encryption is advantageous only if the master +password is sufficiently weak. + +So given that the password database is practically only as secure as the master +password, gpg2 provides little value for this use case. + +To replace it, I wrote a program that only performs the cryptographic functions +necessary for this use case: encrypting and decrypting using a master password. +It uses Monocypher 3.1.2 for cryptography, which uses XChaCha20 for encryption, +and Argon2 for key derivation. + +## Programs + +### npm-core + +`npm-core` produces files containing encrypted passwords, and decrypts them. It +provides the core encryption functionality of `npm` as the name implies. + +### npm-agent + +`npm-agent` implements password caching over a simple socket protocol. It reads +a path to a file produced by `npm-core`, containing an encrypted password. Then +using the master password (requesting it if necessary), it decrypts the content +of the file and writes it back over the socket. + +### npmc + +npmc is just an interface for npm-agent usable in a shell. It takes a file path +to a `npm-core` password file, talks to `npm-agent`, and prints the password it +returns to stdout. + +### npm + +The password manager is just a modified version of `pash` where gpg is replaced +by `npm-core` and `npmc`.