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diff --git a/README.md b/README.md @@ -0,0 +1,91 @@ +swc +=== +swc is a small Wayland compositor implemented as a library. + +It has been designed primary with tiling window managers in mind. Additionally, +notable features include: + +* Easy to follow code base +* XWayland support +* Can place borders around windows + +Dependencies +------------ +* wayland +* libdrm +* libevdev +* libxkbcommon +* pixman +* [wld](http://github.com/michaelforney/wld) +* libudev +* linux[>=3.12] (for EVIOCREVOKE) + +libudev is currently required for input hotplugging support. I'd like to get rid +of this dependency, but it seems that libudev is currently the only way to get +this functionality. + +For XWayland support, the following are also required: +* libxcb +* xcb-util-wm + +Implementing a window manager using swc +--------------------------------------- +You must implement two callback functions, `new_window` and `new_screen`, which +get called when a new window or screen is created. In `new_window`, you should +allocate your own window window structure, and register a listener for the +window's event signal. More information can be found in `swc.h`. + + void new_window(struct swc_window * window) + { + /* TODO: Implement */ + } + + void new_screen(struct swc_screen * screen) + { + /* TODO: Implement */ + } + +Create a `struct swc_manager` containing pointers to these functions. + + const struct swc_manager manager = { &new_window, &new_screen }; + +In your startup code, you must create a Wayland display. + + display = wl_display_create(); + +Then call `swc_initialize`. + + swc_initialize(display, NULL, manager); + +Finally, run the main event loop. + + wl_display_run(display); + +Why not write a Weston shell plugin? +------------------------------------ +In my opinion the goals of Weston and swc are rather orthogonal. Weston seeks to +demonstrate many of the features possible with the Wayland protocol, with +various types of backends and shells supported, while swc aims to provide only +what's necessary to get windows displayed on the screen. + +I've seen several people look at Wayland, and ask "How can I implement a tiling +window manager using the Wayland protocol?", only to be turned off by the +response "Write a weston shell plugin". Hopefully it is less intimidating to +implement a window manager using swc. + +TODO +---- +* VT switching +* XWayland copy-paste integration +* Better multi-screen support, including mirroring and screen arrangement +* Mouse button bindings +* Resizing/moving windows by dragging +* Touchpad support + +Future Plans +------------ +* I'd like to revisit `wld` and set it up in such a way that an EGL backend can + be implemented so more hardware is supported. +* I also want to revisit the planes implementation, allowing full screen + surfaces to be scanned out directly, or to a hardware plane. +