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2022-10-01 20:09multiple lengths on same beam worksNihal Jere1+3-2
2022-10-01 20:06keep track of current staff name instead of tableNihal Jere1+7-9
2022-10-01 19:30take glyph extents into account when calculating staff extentsNihal Jere1+12-2
2022-10-01 19:06actually order staffs correctlyNihal Jere1+4-2
2022-10-01 19:06beamed 16th notesNihal Jere1+16-7
2022-10-01 17:17fix note selection by timingNihal Jere1+8-3
2022-10-01 16:49add layout sectionNihal Jere1+30-2
2022-10-01 16:26fix default stem directionsNihal Jere1+2-2
2022-10-01 16:11accept any power of 2 as a countNihal Jere1+3-1
2022-10-01 15:44silent restsNihal Jere1+15-3
2022-09-30 05:09multistaff timing layout is correctNihal Jere1+11-2
2022-09-30 03:54sync multistaff renderingNihal Jere1+64-11
2022-09-28 20:48align multiple staves at beginningNihal Jere1+10-8
2022-09-28 20:12remove xoffset and yoffsetNihal Jere1+9-12
2022-09-28 19:54put parser in loop, two staffs render nowNihal Jere1+11-5
2022-09-28 19:44new staff scheme in rest of stagesNihal Jere1+212-187
2022-09-28 05:00refactor to allow for multiple voices and staffsNihal Jere1+85-40
2022-09-27 05:25fix stem positionsNihal Jere1+6-5
2022-09-27 04:48make ledger drawing center relative, as intendedNihal Jere1+2-2
2022-09-26 17:52adjust surface size based on contentNihal Jere2+112-6
2022-09-26 16:28add new step in pipeline to enable beam drawingNihal Jere2+89-11
2022-09-14 16:16configurable stem directionNihal Jere1+22-7
2022-09-09 17:54auto upstemNihal Jere1+19-2
2022-09-09 04:15make yoff of 0 the middle staff lineNihal Jere1+7-7
2022-09-09 03:47accidentalsNihal Jere1+24-12
2022-09-09 02:21leger lines and octave switchingNihal Jere2+72-33
2022-09-08 06:268th note flagsNihal Jere1+3-2
2022-09-08 06:13split functionality into stages(ish)Nihal Jere1+42-32
2022-09-07 23:05barlinesNihal Jere1+13-0
2022-09-07 22:54temporary spacing fixNihal Jere1+1-1
2022-09-07 20:03add basic stem drawingNihal Jere2+68-26
2022-08-23 17:14time signaturesNihal Jere1+32-0
2022-08-23 16:10pull whitespace killing outNihal Jere1+2-1
2022-08-23 02:30basic note placement for treble and bass clefsNihal Jere1+33-13
2022-08-23 01:40initial commit: set clef and draw notesNihal Jere3+190-0