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2021-04-04 01:10broken stuffNihal Jere6+239-4
2021-03-14 19:25util.*: add cp to copy filesNihal Jere2+27-0
2021-03-14 19:20util.c: made mv more robustNihal Jere1+12-9
2021-03-11 20:01add gitignoreNihal Jere1+3-0
2021-03-11 19:46rename vstrcmp to strcmpcbNihal Jere4+4-4
2021-03-11 05:43TODO: updateNihal Jere1+5-2
2021-03-11 05:42Makefile: rewriteNihal Jere1+16-2
2021-03-11 05:32pkg.c: use manifest_* for pkg_removeNihal Jere2+19-24
2021-03-11 02:18util.*: add diff, to diff between two arrays of stringsNihal Jere2+90-0
2021-03-10 05:23add manifest.* to contain manifest operationsNihal Jere3+111-0
2021-03-01 02:45remove VLA , replacing with fixed length arraysNihal Jere2+18-5
2021-02-27 20:09move macros to common.hNihal Jere8+21-12
2021-02-24 23:52tar.c: use _BSD_SOURCENihal Jere1+2-0
2021-02-24 23:52tar.c: remove redundant ifNihal Jere1+23-30
2021-02-23 03:27kiss.c: add kiss_remove_namesNihal Jere2+10-2
2021-02-23 03:23pkg.*: add pkg_removeNihal Jere2+69-0
2021-02-23 01:19sha256.c: fix warning about mismatched signednessNihal Jere1+1-1
2021-02-22 23:59kiss.c: add kiss_alt_swap, which swaps between alternativesNihal Jere2+26-2
2021-02-22 23:55alt.*: add alt_swapNihal Jere2+57-0
2021-02-22 23:46alt.c: replace access with faccessatNihal Jere1+4-1
2021-02-22 23:46util.*: add file_dropaddNihal Jere2+99-3
2021-02-21 23:50alt.*: add alt_existsNihal Jere2+14-0
2021-02-21 19:37kiss.c: add kiss_alt to list alternativesNihal Jere2+15-1
2021-02-21 22:00add alt.*Nihal Jere2+156-0
2021-02-21 17:20pkg.*: pkg_retrieve: remove count argumentNihal Jere3+7-9
2021-02-21 04:38update TODONihal Jere1+5-2
2021-02-21 04:37kiss.c: add kiss_checksum_namesNihal Jere1+27-0
2021-02-21 04:30pkg.*: add pkg_checksums_genNihal Jere2+25-0
2021-02-21 04:02TODO: updateNihal Jere1+7-0
2021-02-21 03:43sha256.*: add sha256_fileNihal Jere2+27-0
2021-02-21 02:31pkg.*: add pkg_checksums_loadNihal Jere3+39-1
2021-02-21 02:00sha256.*: add sha256_tostr and sha256_fromstrNihal Jere2+46-0
2021-02-20 23:04pkg.*: refactor calculating path of sourceNihal Jere3+40-39
2021-02-20 22:15pkg.*: rename source_t.path to source_t.extr to avoid confusing myselfNihal Jere2+5-5
2021-02-20 21:57add sha256 implementation from sbaseNihal Jere2+172-0
2021-02-20 03:56pkg.c: replace strcats with snprintfsNihal Jere1+36-52
2021-02-20 01:31pkg.*: add pkg_binpathNihal Jere2+26-0
2021-02-19 23:27tar.h: remove _DEFAULT_SOURCENihal Jere1+0-4
2021-02-19 23:00tar.c: replace fd parameter with gzFileNihal Jere2+67-60
2021-02-19 22:32tar.c: add copyrightNihal Jere1+25-0
2021-02-19 22:32tar.c: fix styleNihal Jere1+338-338
2021-02-19 18:36add tar.*, a tar implementationNihal Jere2+1270-0
2021-02-19 04:28pkg.*: replace pkg_download with pkg_retrieveNihal Jere3+35-20
2021-02-19 03:31pkg.c: pkg_download: add directory extractionNihal Jere2+6-1
2021-02-19 03:13changed pkg_download's functionNihal Jere3+21-18
2021-02-19 02:29pkg.*: update source_tNihal Jere2+12-7
2021-02-19 02:21cleanup formattingNihal Jere2+6-13
2021-02-19 01:01add TODO fileNihal Jere1+17-0
2021-02-19 00:42pkg.c: pkg_download: don't download if cached copy existsNihal Jere1+4-1
2021-02-19 00:29kiss.c: add kiss_download_namesNihal Jere1+28-0
2021-02-19 00:36pkg.*: add pkg_downloadNihal Jere2+25-0
2021-02-19 00:15http.c: don't mkdirs before writing to fileNihal Jere1+0-2
2021-02-18 22:25pkg.*: add pkg_sources which loads source information for a packageNihal Jere2+65-0
2021-02-18 18:00http.c: add redirection supportNihal Jere1+73-37
2021-02-18 05:47http.c: use spaces instead of tabsNihal Jere1+354-338
2021-02-18 05:45http.c: make url an array, allowing modification, allowing redirectionNihal Jere1+6-2
2021-02-18 18:44http.c: use loop for `write`Nihal Jere1+6-3
2021-02-18 04:23remove unused variables, build with c99 -WallNihal Jere5+7-9
2021-02-18 04:10http.c: use tls_connectNihal Jere1+2-3
2021-02-18 02:48http.*: add http(s) implementationNihal Jere2+419-0
2021-02-18 01:06kiss.c: exit if no command is givenNihal Jere1+3-0
2021-02-18 01:05util.*: add mkdirs and strreplNihal Jere2+38-0
2021-02-17 20:26pkg.*: add get_cache_dirNihal Jere2+17-0
2021-02-17 20:04pkg.*: add pkg_exists to check whether a package exists in a repoNihal Jere2+30-0
2021-02-17 19:41use macros for size limitsNihal Jere3+13-11
2021-02-17 19:09kiss.c: add kiss_searchNihal Jere1+46-0
2021-02-17 19:08pkg.*: add pkg_match, which matches packages by globNihal Jere2+40-0
2021-02-17 17:21kiss.c: kiss_list_all: close db when no longer neededNihal Jere1+1-1
2021-02-17 17:09kiss.c: add kiss_list_namesNihal Jere1+15-1
2021-02-17 16:47kiss.c: add kiss_list_allNihal Jere2+46-0
2021-02-17 16:46util.*: add strcmp wrapper for qsortNihal Jere2+8-0
2021-02-17 16:46pkg.*: add pkg_versionNihal Jere2+31-0
2021-02-15 02:42initial commitNihal Jere3+84-0