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2022-04-17 02:21git: updateNihal Jere1+3-7
2022-02-09 04:54sfeed: replace sfeed_curses, which has been merged inNihal Jere10+6-8
2021-12-31 19:21ntfs-3g: use embedded fuseNihal Jere2+2-3
2021-12-14 22:31mpop: new packageNihal Jere5+14-0
2021-12-06 22:11imv: new packageNihal Jere5+24-0
2021-12-02 02:11libtls-bearssl: switch to gitNihal Jere2+2-2
2021-10-01 03:27remove eudevNihal Jere1+1-1
2021-09-23 16:47wayland-protocols: removeNihal Jere6+0-76
2021-09-06 15:38ffmpeg: use bearsslNihal Jere6+59-0
2021-09-06 15:22curl: bearsslNihal Jere5+30-0
2021-09-04 15:10dwl: new packageNihal Jere5+124-0
2021-08-31 19:07mutt: new packageNihal Jere5+19-0
2021-08-31 18:59bri: new packageNihal Jere4+16-0
2021-08-24 22:14sfeed_curses: bumpNihal Jere2+2-2
2021-08-10 21:02bsdfmt: new packageNihal Jere6+930-0
2021-07-29 18:11swc: use personal branchNihal Jere2+3-1
2021-07-15 02:16bearssl and libtls bearsslNihal Jere7+27-0
2021-06-16 18:00swig: new packageNihal Jere5+28-0
2021-06-16 18:00dtc: new packageNihal Jere4+17-0
2021-06-06 02:47sfeed_curses: bumpNihal Jere2+2-2
2021-05-11 17:16wld: drop nouveauNihal Jere3+22-1
2021-05-07 22:25librewolf: bump to 88Nihal Jere6+197-233
2021-05-04 22:33sfeed_curses: updateNihal Jere2+2-2
2021-04-29 04:02velox: fix status barNihal Jere1+1-1
2021-04-02 05:38sfeed_curses: bumpNihal Jere3+4-3
2021-03-31 22:24librewolf: fix 87.0 buildNihal Jere3+127-265
2021-03-31 18:38librewolf: bump to 87Nihal Jere3+59-4
2021-03-31 02:16add wayland stuffNihal Jere28+1056-6
2021-03-15 02:43firmware: new packageNihal Jere6+13-0
2021-03-15 02:43dwmblocks: new packageNihal Jere6+27-0
2021-03-13 19:56sfeed_curses: fix checksumsNihal Jere1+0-0
2021-03-01 22:21librewolf: update buildNihal Jere1+31-13
2021-03-01 17:05librewolf: experimentalNihal Jere6+1673-0
2021-02-12 21:46msmtp: drop, as community version now matches mineNihal Jere5+0-21
2021-02-04 03:38units: new packageNihal Jere4+11-0
2021-01-27 03:30sfeed_curses: fix modified sourcesNihal Jere1+0-0
2021-01-25 04:51sfeed_curses: add custom themeNihal Jere6+29-0
2021-01-22 15:09updated links as repository was movedNihal Jere17+24-43
2021-01-21 23:59msmtp: fix dependenciesNihal Jere1+0-0
2021-01-18 19:37chromium: remove it and dependencies as it is in the community repo nowNihal Jere44+0-965
2021-01-14 20:21chromium: add nss as dependNihal Jere1+1-0
2021-01-14 20:20chromium: libxkbcommon as depend + patches apply properlyNihal Jere2+3-2
2021-01-14 19:29chromium: update dependsNihal Jere2+64-3
2021-01-14 17:07at-spi2-atk: add libxml2Nihal Jere1+1-0
2021-01-14 16:54at-spi2-atk: add atk as dependencyNihal Jere1+1-0
2021-01-14 16:49add dbusNihal Jere6+29-0
2021-01-14 16:44remove re as dependency for chromiumNihal Jere1+0-1
2021-01-14 16:33chromium: new package + dependsNihal Jere43+898-0
2021-01-06 03:48doxygen: for alsa docsNihal Jere4+13-0
2021-01-06 03:48android-tools: new packageNihal Jere22+149-0
2021-01-06 03:47ntfs-3g: fixed mounting with `mount`Nihal Jere5+20-0
2021-01-05 17:02zathura: remove fork: replaced by kiss hookNihal Jere8+0-75
2021-01-04 02:58wget: fix putting wgetrc in /usr/etcNihal Jere5+17-0
2021-01-04 02:48git: remove gitweb crapNihal Jere1+3-0
2021-01-04 02:04msmtp: use kiss-link instead of submodulesNihal Jere4+8-8
2021-01-04 02:01git: use kiss-link instead of submodulesNihal Jere6+8-10
2021-01-04 01:59zathura: remove crapNihal Jere8+75-0
2021-01-03 04:06msmtp: use submodulesNihal Jere9+8-4
2021-01-03 03:55add repo-main, test git modNihal Jere7+40-0
2021-01-03 03:50add community-repo submoduleNihal Jere2+4-0
2020-11-12 02:55smu: new packageNihal Jere4+7-0
2020-11-12 02:55fix msmtp-libtls-git packagingNihal Jere2+2-2
2020-11-11 20:03add zathura-cb, msmtp-libtls-gitNihal Jere10+33-0
2020-10-17 00:26nanomsg: new packageNihal Jere4+13-0
2020-09-17 19:20initial commitNihal Jere33+68-0