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Refer to github issue for oasis porting effort

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diff --git a/doc/software.md b/doc/software.md @@ -131,26 +131,10 @@ index 5828a3b..6e006cc 100644 One of the main goals of cproc is to compile the entire oasis linux system (excluding kernel and libc). This is a work in progress, but many packages have patches to fix various ISO C conformance issues, enabling -them to be built. See the patch directories in the [oasis package tree] -for the patches used. +them to be built. -Currently the following build successfully: +See the [oasis #13] for the current status of this effort, and the +patch directories in the [oasis package tree] for any patches used. -- awk bc bearssl blind byacc bzip2 cmark cproc curl dmenu dosfstools - e2fsprogs efibootmgr elftoolchain-libelf expat farbfeld file flex - fontconfig freetype fribidi fuse git ii iproute2 jbig2dec kbd less - libass libcbor libdrm libevdev libevent libffi libinput libjpeg-turbo - libpng libressl libtermkey libxkbcommon loksh lpeg lua make mandoc - myrddin monocypher msmtp mtdev nasm ncurses nsd openntpd openssh - perp pigz qbe rc samurai sbase sdhcp sinit sshfs st swc texi2mdoc - transmission ubase unzip utf8proc velox wayland wld wpa\_supplicant - xz zlib zstd -- Various OpenBSD tools (acme-client diff doas fmt m4 patch rsync yacc) -- Parts of util-linux (fdisk losetup) - -The following still need more work: - -- efivar ffmpeg libfido2 libnl libpciaccess libutp mpv netsurf nginx pcre - pixman python strace extlinux the\_silver\_searcher tinyemu vis - -[oasis package tree]: https://github.com/michaelforney/oasis/tree/master/pkg +[oasis #13]: https://github.com/oasislinux/oasis/issues/13 +[oasis package tree]: https://github.com/oasislinux/oasis/tree/master/pkg